#1 – Karma Police Ain’t Happy

Note to new readers: These early strips, as you may have noticed, are fairly lacking in the style and artistic ability that later strips are still lacking have improved in. Please don’t let the artwork deter you from reading the strip- I promise it gets better.


It’s sort of difficult to understand this joke unless you’re familiar with Radiohead. If you aren’t, I will now direct you to the most glorious music ever made.

I apologize for the art style changing in every panel. That’s what the professionals would scoff at and call artistic inconsistency. My excuse is that I’m sort of new to this thing, and I kind of suck at drawing (which I realize isn’t exactly conductive to being a webcomic artist…)

I also realize that WordPress isn’t quite the most attractive host for this sort of thing, but I’m poor and I haven’t got any money to be able to get a proper host or domain name (and besides, I don’t deserve those nice things.) Such is life!

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