#6 – Memory Is A Tricky Thing

Holy balls. I decided to challenge myself today and complete an entire comic in one day. My eyeballs are fried, my wrists are numb, and I think I might’ve dislocated some of the nerves in my brain. I suddenly have newfound respect and admiration for those fine folks who’re used to updating more than once a week (and especially for that Jeph Jacques guy.)

Hopefully, you guys will appreciate some of the changes in the artwork today. Cody no longer possesses a fat head that looks like it would belong in Hey Arnold. I experimented with new character postures. The shading looks a little more realistic. All I need to do now is get over my fear of drawing hands and hand positions. If any of you guys have tips on how to draw hands easily and realistically, PLEASE let me know. Shoot me an email or something.

Who is mysterious police lady? Will Cody bow to the temptation, or will he stand his ground and take his rightful punishment like a man? Tune in next time to ASININE AXIOMS.

EDIT: I was damn proud of drawing this inconsequential poster, but it got covered up by all the word balloons. Here’s a picture of it in all of its high-res glory.


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