#10 – Just In Case

First and foremost- massive apologies for my extremely late post. (No rhyme intended.) I’ve been struggling to keep up in school, and so I haven’t had as much time to work on Asinine Axioms. I sincerely do try to update regularly, but some weeks, it just doesn’t happen. I’ll try to let you guys know ahead of time via Twitter and Facebook if I’m not going to make a deadline, but… If I ever don’t (God forbid that happens), you know why.

Cath and Cody clean up nicely, don’t they? I had a lot of fun planning and drawing their outfits. Except that I suck at drawing suits, but eh.

Finally made it to the tenth strip! I hope that you can see a significant improvement from my first few attempts. According to Jeph Jacques, 33 is the magic number by which a cartoonist can figure out whether or not he/she can or wants to continue with their strip. We’re still a long ways from then, but rest assured that I’m not going to stop anytime soon! (I have them scripted out well into the 50s.)

I’ve been reading Anna Karenina for English lately- it’s quite moving. Prior to this year, I found Russian literature dry and tedious. How horrendously wrong I was. There’s a lot of content that hits close to home, and so it’s been emotionally draining for me to read it.

Ending the week on a positive note- I’ve recently discovered a webcomic entitled Between Failures, and it is seriously excellent. I really recommend it if you’ve got the time.

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