#11 – Triple Entendre

Being creative is exhausting. Still, I’m (fairly) pleased with how this turned out. The fourth panel was incredibly fun to draw. Total break from how I normally draw this strip, but I was in a silly Scott Pilgrim-esque mood.

Panels four and five were fueled by Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, AKA the Rickroll song (no, it’s not linked, quit freaking out). Once you get over the fact that it’s a notorious internet meme, it’s really not a bad song.

Don’t be surprised if next week’s strip is late, or if I postpone it, or if I post a filler strip. November is a crazy month for me. Unfortunately, November is also going to herald the beginning of a sporadic update schedule, at least until summer of 2011. I’ve been able to BS my way through classes so far, but the time has come when I’m actually going to have to put effort into them, which means I’m going to have even less time to work on Asinine Axioms. Never fear- I have absolutely no intention of stopping. But updates aren’t going to be as frequent. (As if four times a month is frequent anyways.)

Speaking of November- who’s going to do NaNoWriMo? I was going to, but Asinine Axioms takes up what little free time I have. Which, I guess, isn’t a bad thing, though I’ll miss doing it this year. If any of my readers are doing it, email me! I’d love to read your stories and give you feedback. For those of you who don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, I’ll try to give a short description- it’s basically a non-competitive event in which participants attempt to write a 50,000 word novella in a month. If you’re into writing, and if you’d like to challenge yourself, I highly encourage you to sign up- it’s not too late!

Also in the month of November is No Shave November, which is pretty self-explanatory, and which is the reason why November is the most epic month of the year.

I’ve received a few requests for Asinine Axioms merch. I may or may not work on that, depending on how strong the interest is. So take the below poll and let me know!

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