Filler #1

Sorry for the filler. This week has been crazy, and I haven’t had time to even start drawing a new strip.

But lo and behold! Hark, it is a marvelous thing; the very first Asinine Axioms! This was the product of insomnia and sleep deprivation delirium at 3 in the morning. I drew this strip as an inside joke, but then I realized that I could take it much further than that. By around 4 in the morning, I developed a cast of characters, a basic plot, and a direction I could take this.

You’ll notice a few differences between the characters depicted here and the ones that were fleshed into reality… Cody’s appearance fluctuated a lot during this formative stage, and he’s still one of the harder characters for me to draw (which sucks because he’s the main character.) Cath was originally going to be named Cozette, after the character in Les Miserables, but I changed my mind at the last second. (I realized later that Cath is also the name of an excellent Death Cab for Cutie song.) Ian was originally going to be a dark-haired freak, but I decided that he’d be better off dying his hair every other appearance. (He’s still very much a freak.)

Even though there isn’t a new strip, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to produce Asinine Axioms. Hopefully, more artistic improvements are to come…

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