#14 – Worse Than Facebook Stalking

Let me be the first to say it: woooooooah.

Okay, lemme explain a little what exactly is going on here. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to draw the comic. Using the tablet to draw everything 100% digitally like I have been is all fine and well, but the process takes an absurdly long time, and I don’t feel as if produces the best art I can make.

I was reading up on alternative ways to draw comics when I stumbled across an article about using india ink. I was intrigued, and set out to try it for myself.

Well, turns out I’m not half-bad at it. But using a paintbrush felt strange, so I bought myself a Pentel Pocket pen, which fuses the humble pen with the mighty brush. And hark! A new love was born, and that is my explanation for this week’s comic.

I do apologize for how rough it looks. This is a new method for me, and I am definitely not used to working this way. But I genuinely feel as if it forces me to be more creative because I can’t recycle panels, and I can only hope that I improve in the future.

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