#15 – The Truth Hurts

So, continuing my experimentation with brushes. I think this week’s strip is much cleaner than last week’s. I might buy some inking pens and try working with pens. As much as I like working with brushes, I think I’m more of a pen person (I love detail!). You might have noticed that I’ve started hand-lettering all my text as well. I think it gives the strip a nice flavor. (And it’s readable… right?)

Panel 3 makes me really happy. I hope it makes you happy too.

I recently stumbled on this autobiographical webcomic entitled Pancake Cookie, and I am really digging it so far. It hasn’t been around for long, so I’m sure the authors would love it if you took a minute out of your day to check it out.

Thinking about getting off WordPress and getting my own domain/hosting. We’ll see about that…

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