#16 – Synchronicity

Double update! I got bored today, so I drew another strip. I’m starting to seriously cut down on the time it takes to produce a strip. This time, I used real india ink and legitimate paintbrushes. There’s a level of control that you get from a real paintbrush that you can’t get with a brush pen (though as you can tell from the blotches that I’m not quite that good at using paintbrushes yet…) They’re both lovely to use though, so I guess I’ll be using both in the future.

Mwahahahaha! Opening up a whole ‘nother can of worms with this one. I hope panel four gets you all nice and confused.

So, I’m going to be snowed in tomorrow, which means I might do yet another update tomorrow, depending on whether or not I feel like catching up on homework. (Yeah, it’s kinda finals week, but I’ve hit a point where I don’t think I even care.)

After doing some research, I’ve found that the cheapest and most reliable domain/hosting package is about $100/24 months, or $60/12 months. While that’s all very well and good, I haven’t got that kind of money upfront. This probably means Asinine Axioms will stay on WordPress until I find some money… Stay tuned.

Speaking of which, I want to direct your attention to this little ditty. That’s right! It’s my first print, and it’s going on sale for $10. I’m getting something like $1.15 per sale, so it’s definitely not for the money… But I thought it’d be neat to have it up, just for the sake of having it up.

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