#25 – That’s What The F Stands For

Last Friday’s comic. Again, many apologies for the lateness. I think I might have food poisoning or something [severe stomach pains and feelings of nausea (also am delirious from sleep deprivation)], so this strip probably isn’t the best work I’ve ever done. However! In my sleep-deprived state, it looks okay. (Not sure what it’s going to look like tomorrow when I wake up, but…)

If you have no idea what that O stands for on Cody’s shirt, you and Josh Lesnick need to have a little heart-to-heart together. (Warning: while exceedingly awesome, Girly is NSFW, so view at your own discretion. Or when your parents aren’t around.)

Taking the weekend off to get caught up on stuff I should’ve done a long time ago (like winter break homework). Daily updates this week from Monday to Thursday (possibly Friday?). Then I’m gonna revert to Sunday afternoon updates due to the new semester starting up again. Gonna go lie down now. Enjoy the comic!

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