#33 – Solver of Problems

Turns out I’ll be out of town this weekend with no guaranteed internet access, so this is Sunday’s update come early!

Yes! We’ve finally hit the magic number thirty-three!

Subtle changes in the artwork… I think I’m liking it so far. I’ve been studying a lot of human anatomy lately. I’ve also committed to start studying my favorite comics (web and traditional) to get a better grip on drawing backgrounds… Because that’s one area I definitely need improvement in.

Incidentally, panel one was brought to you in part by Gotham City and Renkinjutsu.

Time and money are the two things I’m most lacking in currently, but I’m willing to gamble a little with both… I’ve been doing some poking around, and the most reliable web hosting package I could find that satisfies my needs would run me about $50 a year. Here’s my promise- if I come across enough money to sustain Asinine Axioms for two years, I will start doing regular Tuesday/Thursday updates every week. (I will start by looking under the sofa cushions for loose change.)

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