#32 – Never Gonna Give You Up

Today’s guest strip is brought to you by a close friend of mine who prefers to go by Rice. She is a thousand times more talented than me. I wish I had her talent. Maybe one day…

See you next week!

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#31 – Thought Privacy Set To “Public”

It would seem Sara isn’t as docile as she appears.

Guest strip from my friend, Rice, is going up later today… Possibly tomorrow? Depends on when she can get it scanned in and sent to me.

Just a reminder that I’m going back to weekly Sunday updates due to my ridiculous courseload this semester. Hope you guys enjoyed having daily updates for the last two weeks! I have a lot more respect now for people who regularly update daily… I struggled (and often failed) to have updates ready on time, and I was just doing it over winter break!

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#30 – Hippie Hair

Happy 30th strip! May many, many more follow.

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#29 – Awkward

Here’s Thursday’s comic- coloring and shading Friday’s comic right now.

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#28 – Honesty

Oh uh. This doesn’t bode well.

The new semester starts tomorrow, but I oh-so-don’t want to go back to school. I don’t predict my homework load being excessive over a period of two days, so I’ll update daily to the end of the week, and then it’s back to Sunday afternoons.

Drop by this Sunday to see a guest strip done by my fantastically talented friend, who prefers to go by Rice.

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#27 – First Impressions

Everyone has off days; today was mine. The only panel I’m even remotely satisfied with is the last one. I feel bad for Reagan- she had to be introduced on a bad day.

Meh. Tomorrow will be better.

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#26 – Classy

I keep forgetting that 1 in the morning isn’t “today” for most people. (But here’s today’s [or Monday’s] strip!)

Panel 3 is basically what all my thumbnail sketches look like.

I just got done reading a graphic novel series entitled Local by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly. I seriously recommend reading it- the art is top-notch, the plot compelling, and the characters so gritty and nuanced that they are as good as real. (Fun fact: the lettering for Local was done by Brian Lee O’Malley, the guy who did Scott Pilgrim.)

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